Kim Klaver Inner Circle
Have you reached the point where you realize you really have no idea how to actually market and sell your products or services?

And you realize now, that without paying customers, there is no income? And there goes the dream of financial independence?

Kim's Inner Circle is for folks who realize they have to market and sell their products or services to build a BUSINESS that throws off income - I mean enough to quit the job and then some. 

Business is Marketing. Marketing gets paying customers. So here we teach ONE THING:

How to make the right people - those who ALREADY want what you have because of who THEY are and THEIR concerns and desires - come to you.

That's it.

Both in the real world, from one on ones to giant meetings, to the Facebook and email world, where some TWO BILLION people are available for you to go "fishing" as Jesus said...You will here learn to become "a fisher of" the folks who are looking for you. 

l show you exactly how I built six companies to the top over 27 years. And how, this past 7 months, we got 157 personals signed up on an experimental team on Facebook...with mostly NON paid methods...

Both one-on-one and on Facebook. 

You can get rid of the self with no confidence and draw the few good ones, to you. 

You'll learn and implement over 6 months, with 2x/mo live Zoom sessions where I show you what's worked, and help you refine YOUR approaches for your customers and reps. 

You will take on an entirely new self. Someone who can market and sell at will. Period. That means you will NEVER lack for income. Never ever. 

You'll learn this and transform yourself - step-by-step. 


Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels

"I always struggled selling things, and after reading Chapter 2 in Kim’s orange book, I realized that I was using 'techno-babble' and actually scaring my prospects away.

Since changing that part of my presentation like she said, I've gone on to sell millions of dollars….Thanks, Kim!"
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