100 Customers 100 Days
For product lovers who want to build a 
regular customer following. Without sounding salesy.
(What would you earn with 100 regular customers?...)
  •  How To Tell A Venter (just talkin')
  •  How To Never Use "Seller Talk" Again
  •  How To Use YOUR Hot Button
  •  How To Use Picture Words So They Understand Instantly
  •  How To Create Your 7-Second Script
  •  How To Ask For Your Perfect Customer
  •  How To Leave Enticing Phone Messages
  •  How To Talk Like A Normal Person Again
  •  And much more...

Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels

"I always struggled selling things, and after reading Chapter 2 in Kim’s orange book, I realized that I was using 'techno-babble' and actually scaring my prospects away.

Since changing that part of my presentation like she said, I've gone on to sell millions of dollars….Thanks, Kim!"
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